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Ayanna Wilson

I am very please with people in the world being responsible and conscious about the danger of making a call or text while driving taking this pledge and honoring this pledge will save a life and reduce the number of death cause by our dangerous choices

Miiko Mentz

Thanks Ayanna! Talking and/or texting while driving is an obsession and an addiction for a lot of people and it's not easy to stop doing it. But after hearing Jerry Cibley's story of losing his son, it finally hit me that a call or a text is not worth someone's life. That call or text can wait.

I've found the best way is to just turn the phone off while driving (or put it on "airplane" mode) so you don't hear the calls and texts come in. Otherwise it's just too tempting to answer or reply. Remove the temptation is the easiest way to stick to the 'No Phone Zone' pledge.

James t Bickham

Thank and More I have found most of People don’t realise that driving a car is
a responsibility.

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