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David Kaye

Your Dinner Secret is an independent meal assembly store in Woodland Hills, CA. We also sell a proprietary gluten-free, casein-free menu that is good for kids on the autism spectrum who are interested in dietary intervention, as well as people with celiac disease, who can not digest gluten. Check out our web site at www.YourDinnerSecret.com for additional info. By mid-Sept. we expect to start shipping nationally.

Nick Davis

Also a big up and coming franchise is Supper Thyme USA. It focuses on family friendly meals. There is near 40 locations throughout the US. Visit www.SupperThymeUSA.com

Andy Potter

If you want to find a meal assembly kitchen in your area go to www.mealassembly.net. You can search by city or zip code. There are about 1500 of them nationwide.


David and Nick, Thank you for the comments and additional information for Supper Thyme and Your Dinner Secret. It's always good to know about other great offerings.

Andy, had I known about MealAssembly.net, I would have included it in my original post, so thank you for letting us all know about it. What a great resource it is for people to quickly and easily find a meal assembly store near them.

And if anyone out there knows of a meal assembly store that offers certified organic foods, I'd love to learn about it. I'm a big believer and consumer of organic foods and products, and have yet to find a meal assembly store that offers certified-organic foods.

Or even a "green" meal assembly store. As much as I love these meal assembly stores, the environmentalist in me is frightened by all the waste they produce from the disposable "ziplock" bags and other food containers. I do recycle, but is everyone diligent about recycling? All these food containers could be ending up in our landfills.

Here's an idea, maybe we should be bringing in our own food containers, which would save the environment and save on expenses for the meal assembly companies. It's "food for thought."


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